Planning, planning, planning!

As the school year fast approaches, I have been trying to get all my ducks in row organizationally. Since K will be in high school this year (can I just say YIKES! one more time?) I feel the need to keep better records. M is entering Jr. High this year and, for the first time has a list of required school supplies and there are several things K will need as well (science lab book, composition book for math work). Add to that the fact that both K’s and B’s curriculum is more involved and I will be essentially working two jobs this fall and I figured I better get on the stick.

I am feeling a need for a *real* teacher planning book this year, as well as an assignment book for DD. Problem is, money is a bit scarce at the old SDTL right now (darn oil tank!) and I just don’t have the cash to get that really cool $15 teacher planner or that funky $10 assignment book I saw at B&N last week. I’ll need to save whatever cash I have to get M her stuff (which thankfully isn’t much). *sigh* What’s a teacher/mom/daycare provider/cheer coach supposed to do? Why visit Donna Young of course!

During my visit there I was able to not only get a usable Teacher planner, an assignment book, an attendance log, course of study forms and some math problem work pages, I also found a great Co-op schedule for Apologia Biology that should come in very handy. I don’t know if we’ll use it unmodified, but it makes it easier for me when I see everything laid out like that. Not to mention the transcript forms and the meal plan forms! All this with only the cost of paper, ink, a three hole punch and some binders (all of which I already had!).

I feel much better now 🙂


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  1. Oh my god! I love that link!!! Oh my poor aching printer.


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