School Supplies

School supplies are one of my favorite things to buy. I am literally a school and office supply junkie! The back to school sales are so much fun and I always stock up on things like notebooks, pencils, folders, binders, rulers, pens….welll, you get the picture ;0)

M is entering Jr. High this fall and for the first time we have received a list of *required supplies*. It wasn’t all that much, but she was absolutely obsessed about getting all those items bought and into her backpack in preparation for her first day. K also needed a few specific things this year; a science lab notebook, some math supplies (compass, protractor etc) and a few new binders. Given these facts I thought it prudent to make a trip to the local mega mart (as Alton Brown says) and go on a little shopping spree!

I had a few returns to make so we had a good chunk to spend so I let the girls pick out fancy stuff this year. Usually I make them by plain notebooks and folders which I realize is not fun at all :^P Besides, M is nervous about Jr. High and K is less then thrilled with having to have a lab notebook so I figured girling it up couldn’t hurt!

M picked out their composition notebooks (pink and hot pink), folders (ladybug, butterfly and High School Musical), binders (pink, purple and blue), spiral notebooks (pink and purple camo) and a pencil case (ladybug to match the folder). She also picked some mini pens and colored pencils.

K picked out a polka dot composition notebook, a purple and a lime green binder, a pink pirate spiral notebook and a matching folder.

I picked out several bottles of glue, glue sticks, some pencil sharpeners, a purple camo notebook for my cheer stuff and binder for my lesson plans (mine was white LOL!). I have to be careful what I buy for glue and other craft supplies because M is gluten and casein free. Luckily several common brands meet these restrictions and some of them were even on sale! If you are facing similar restrictions, you might want to check out this post at My Two Boys. It gives a nice run down of GFCF school and craft supplies.

You might have noticed that I do not have pencils anywhere on our list of purchased products. There is a reason for that. In the past I have been a proponent of Mirado Black Warrior pencils. They are, in my humble opinion, the best pencil you can buy at the mega mart and I still love them. However (there is always an however isn’t there) last winter I bought K some O’BON pencils for her Christmas stocking and we are now thoroughly hooked. These are seriously the best pencils ever! They don’t break inside so when you sharpen them the lead falls out and you have to sharpen them again. They sharpen without loosing a ton of length. They feel better in your hand then wooden pencils and the dogs won’t even chew them since they are made of paper. That last bit is very important in this house as I have list more pencils to the dogs then anything else. The O’BON pencils are not cheap, but totally worth it if you can swing it. The three packages I bought last winter are hardly broken into since a pencil lasts so long and the art pencils are almost as long as when we got them despite being used constantly. The only thing is you have to buy erasers for them since they don’t have any. Not a big deal since the ones on the wooden pencils usually don’t work for squat anyway in my experience (possible exception being the erasers on the Black Warriors).

And yes, I think a lot about pencils.


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