I’m back!!

from my externally imposed hiatus! 

There has been lots going on here at The School Down the Lane so I’ll spare you the excuses and get started!

First of all K had a birthday and is now 15!  8^O  How did this happen?  Not sure, but she had a great birthday.  She had some friends over for cake, tie-dying and mad libs.

Speaking of the cake, K and I made it ourselves! We made a lemon cake (using cake mix *cough-cop out-cough*) and then covered it with candy clay that we had colored in different colors and cut out with cookies cutters as well as shaping some of it ourselves. Here is a picture of our masterpiece:dscf1392.jpg

During my break we also hosted a flat traveler. Our traveler was named *Krabby* and was visiting from Ohio. We took Krabby all over our little corner of Maine; to the lake, to the beach, to the library and to the dance studio.


K has also started a writing class with our homeschooling group as well as entering the writing contest The Book Arts Bash and started three (count them, three) dance classes.

Speaking of dance classes, my cheer team is shaping up nicely. They are the challenge that a bunch of girls that age always are, but not as much so as some I have dealt with in the past. They approve of my uniform and hair ribbon choices so that’s half the battle LOL! I have 8, which is two stunt groups so I’m happy! I have the most amazing cheer mix for our routine as well which I am also very happy about!

B has started his small group reading, math and now writing group at the local PS. He is enjoying them much more this year and is doing well. W and I are keeping a close eye on his progress there as bringing him is, frankly, a PITA and if it’s not going to do any good (last year he made little progress if any) then I will pull him and get some help privately. He is also loving his hip hop and breaking classes. He even tried cheer, but decided he didn’t want to continue. 

Some other projects here were making corn starch clay, capturing spiders and snails for observation, knitting with the alpaca wool, making Halloween cut out cookies, visiting the organic apple orchard and decorating the yard for Halloween. I’ll be back with more on those subjects once I find my camera and my brain :^P


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