Cool things-Flat Travelers

I found it! My camera that is, I think my brain is still somewhere in another dimension.

To continue my little update I wanted to show you all the places we took and things we did when our flat traveler guest, Krabby, came to visit!

The first place we took him was the dance studio as you saw in the last post. Next we decided to bring him to the library. They were having a end of summer reading program party and Krabby joined in the fun!

First he helped out K at one of the prize tables:
It was a little hot outside in the sun so he took a break inside with M

Then he came back out and had his face painted!
The next day Krabby got to go fishing with B and his dad. Since he was going to fish he had to help dig worms!
He was a very good fisherman…er….crab and caught a nice one!
dscf1323.jpg dscf1326.jpg

He even got to drive the boat 😉

The biggest trip that Krabby took was to see the ocean. We took him to Long Sands Beach where he got to go swimming,

play in the tidepools,
see a lighthouse,
and have some ice cream!

Krabby had a great time and so did our flat traveler Trevor the Travelling Tator! He got to go to Red Robin, The Zoo, the Great Lakes and had his portrait done!

Where did we get a family to exchange with you ask? Well at the Flat Traveler Homeschool Yahoo group! Go on over and check it out!


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