Holiday Preparations-Halloween

We really enjoy Halloween at The School Down the Lane! Costume planning usually begins sometime in August and decorating starts as soon as K’s birthday is over at the end of September.  This year we really had some fun spookifying our house!

Here is the giant spider guarding the door:

and the graveyard in the side yard:

Some horrible stuff has been going on the front yard!
Darn grave robbers!

This guy is pretty cute.

Here is the front garden, complete with dog mummies and a ghost:

The inside is almost as elaborate. We have our deadly bar set:
and our specimen jars:
Even the dogs get in on the act!

The kids are done with their costumes too; K is dressing punk, M is going to be Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas and B is going as a knight. We are going to be attending a Halloween walk to benefit local soup kitchens this weekend as well as going to Ghosts on the Banke on Halloween. The kids are trying to convince me to have a Halloween party again this year and they may just have me. As long as I don’t actually plan on having anyone come I won’t be disappointed again, right? They always enjoy it anyway. Hmmm…we could have finger sandwiches LOL!


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