Halloween Walk for Charity

Tonight we all attended a Halloween Walk at the local Rec area to benefit the local food pantry. The admission was two cans of food or two dollars. We brought 2 cans of potatoes, 2 cans of carrots, 2 cans of corn, two cans of green beans and two cans of kidney beans 🙂 Costumes were optional, but of course my crew dressed up!

Here is M dressed as Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas. Notice how she has Jack Skellington with her (he’s the doll LOL!). I made that costume I’ll have you know! Well, most of it 🙂


K dressed punk. She’s a bit scary, no?

dscf1450.jpgIt’s hard to see her hair but it’s purple on top. Her shirt was one she already had and the skirt was given to her. She decorated everything with safety pins and bought some black lipstick and nail polish. She also already owned the skeleton shoes 😉


B was my knight in shining armour *sigh* The picture is blurry because he wouldn’t stop slashing!

dscf1449.jpg His costume was basically some black sweats, a black pillow case *tunic* and boots made of grey sweat socks pulled up over his crocs. We got the gauntlets, sword and breastplate at Dollar Tree.

The walk itself was really fun! Nothing too terrifying, but some of the characters were pretty creepy! This Witch was one of them, she kept asking us to *stay for dinner* LOL! M said *No thank you!*. 🙂


There was even a fire spinner to watch while you waited to get in line,


and a scary gargoyle guarding the entrance.


After the walk they had refreshments, popcorn and coffee/tea/hot chocolate. There was also a bowl of candy for the kids to pick out of as well as goody bags for $.10 and baked goods for $.25. I bought the kids two goody bags each and a brownie for me and W. I figured it was for a good cause. We all had something warm to drink as well since it was COLD! K is thinking she is going to have to modify her costume a little because she was nearly frozen by the time we left to go home.  B was really impressed and I think M enjoyed herself as well.  K says it was just OK, but I have a feeling that opinion came more from her being so cold then anything else.  We saw several friends and coffee was pretty good so it was a success as far as I’m concerned! 

Now to start planning our Halloween party in earnest!


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  1. Very Cool, but I think the fire spinner would have scared me more than anything. 🙂


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