Happy Halloween!

We had our annual Halloween party tonight! It was a blast! We had food, fun and even entertainment. Here are a few shots from the evening.

Our Make Your Own Carmel Apple bar…..


and after:

It was so easy to do the apples.  I melted the carmel in the crockpot like Stephanie did and the kids had no trouble coating their own apples.  I had several topping put out for them to roll their sticky apples in; chopped candy corn and Indian corn, chopped nuts and sprinkles and they used them all!

There were several other Halloween themed food as well…..

These are the preserved eyeballs (aka cream cheese mints) and store bought mini cupcakes,

For non sweet foods we had: Pus with crunchy dipping bats (buffalo chicken dip w/tortillas cut out in bat shape) and mummy eyeballs (olives in puff pastry),


Mummy dogs and bloody guts (chili),
And here is a picture of M playing at the potions table.  These potions were not really to drink, although they were non-toxic in case someone got brave 😉  It was really more of a science experiment then a cocktail bar.

K and her friend C put on a play with the help of B and then they did a dance. They called the style *Lazzhopping* because it was a combination of Lyrical, Jazz, Hip hop and Cheerleading LOL! We also had The Nightmare Before Christmas playing in the living room.  We had K’s friend T over, along with her little sister and they seemed to enjoy the evening too.

I had a lot of fun assembling the ingredients for the potions table.  We had Red Blood (red cabbage juice), Truth serum (vinegar), zombie virus (sugar water colored green), embalming fluid (baking soda and water), rat poison (baking soda), sulfuric acid (wine), spider venom (tea) and liquid phantom (cola).  The favorite potion was one that involved combining Red Blood and Truth serum and then adding a scoop of rat poison.  Can you guess what it looked like?

The only guffaw was that I didn’t realize that T didn’t eat meat.  Oooops! She did eat some mummy eyes and a mini cupcake and her little sis enjoyed making her carmel apple and eating it 🙂 I hope she eaten dinner before coming over!


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  1. We do an annual Halloween party, too! It’s so much fun to make all of that creepy junk food, isn’t it?!


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