Trick or Treat!

We went trick or treating at a local living museum last night. Despite a few false starts; not being able to find K’s purple hair color, forgetting our gloves, having to park almost a mile away, we had a great time!

I forgot the camera in the car 😦 so I don’t have any pictures (and yes, that earns me the bonehead award). Instead of have this lovely picture of the map to show you!


I love the note stating that all adults must be accompanied by a child LOL! Unfortunately you can’t see it because it’s on the other half of the map 😡  I have no idea why this picture won’t post as a thumbnail!!!! 


The kids really liked the hay ride because it had *real* horses (as opposed to a tractor) named Red and Jeb 🙂 We got a seat right up front and the driver explained things to B and M which they thought was pretty darn cool!

They also really liked the kettle corn stand because they had a huge kettle to cook the corn, a big cooling table to cool and salt the corn and a whistle they blew whenever a batch was going from the kettle to the table. The man cooking the corn would yell *corn up!* and the lady would blow the whistle. Like I said a big hit. I got no pictures of it, but here’s one of the kettle corn in a bag:
It’s VERY good kettle corn and completely gluten and casein free!!  We enjoyed some of it around the bonfire with apple cider chaser and some while watching Harry Potter in the outdoor movie theater.  

I can’t say that about all the candy, not would I expect it. They got a LOT of candy though, so even after I weeded through M’s bag she got plenty. Here’s what I picked out of her bag:

I thought the hay maze was a blast too.  It was not all that big, but they did it inside the barn and made it so you had to stoop through most of it and crawl through some of it.  I was laughing so hard be the end I almost fell over trying to get out!

The kids wore the same costumes they wore to the Halloween Walk and I went as Static Cling (I attached some socks, a pair of panties and a dryer sheet to my sweatshirt with safety pins and stuck my hair up with hair spray).  We saw some great costumes there too; a 6ft Garden Gnome, a candy corn and (my favorite) a kid dressed as the buyout with a a big check slung over him sandwich board style!  Too funny!

We stayed until they closed (which I think explains the large amount of candy as they kept giving the kids hand fulls as we passed) and were out way too late but it was a nice end to the Halloween season.

Now to pack up all the decorations and costumes for next year!


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  1. Posted by momofmonkeys on November 6, 2008 at 2:47 am

    That looks like so much fun! A link to your blog popped up in my automatically generated links because you blogged about an American Revolution unit (which is something I’m working on). So I stopped by — I’m glad I did!


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