Nanowrimo no mo (please?)

I’ve hit the wall.

This is my first year doing Nanowrimo and what they say about the second week?

They speak the truth.


I’ve set a goal for myself to write 2,200 words a day and although I’ve made it almost everyday I’m not really excited about it the last few days. I’m struggling with where the plot is going, I’m not liking what I’m writing and instead of a steady stream of words I’m getting a hundred or so and stopping short in frustration.


Just had to say it again.

I decided to put aside the actual novel and write a plot synopsis.

Yah. OK.

I…can’t….do …it.


OK, done whining now. Behold my word count widget!

I didn’t sign up until the 7th in case you were wondering why all the red. It mocks me.

I like this one better….no red.

and it has my name on it!

K elected not to sign up for Nanowrimo this year which I think was a good decision. She was sorely tempted to, since her friend C did, but in the end decided not to. Although she could, as a youngster, set her own word goal, she felt that having just started the essay portion of her writing class she was better off trying to concentrate on that as well as keeping up on the writing projects she started on her own. Since time management has been a bit of an…er….issue with her this fall I think she showed good judgement.  She’s thinking maybe next year.


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