Is anyone still out there?

Probably not huh?

Oh well. I get what I deserve I suspect.

Life once again exploded here at The School Down the Lane (work issues for W, medical for me and B) and to add to that issue there really hasn’t been that much to report owing to a long. cold. lethargic. winter. As is usual during times of crisis and laziness my blogging suffered.


To get myself going again I decided to steal an idea from a fellow blogger and list my top tens. These are more of our favs them the most valuable books we’ve read so take that into account. Please pardon the lack of authors, I can never remember and will be back later when I’m not trying to get three children and two dogs ready to go to the heart-worm clinic!

School Down the Lane’s Top Ten……

Picture Books

-All the Places to Love
-Good Queen Bess
-The Seven Silly Eaters
-Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo (my kids love Beowulf!)
-Northern Lullaby
-Magic School Bus (series)
-The Young Reader’s Shakespeare (series)
-Oh the Places You’ll Go, Dr. Seuss
-Robin of Sherwood
-Horatio’s Bed


-City of Ember and sequels
-Inkheart (series)
-Harry Potter (series)
-Phantom Tollbooth
-Peter Pan in Scarlet
-Sherlock Holmes (series)
-Sacrifice (the one about the Salem witch trials, be back w/the author)
-Septimus Heap Series (Magyk, Flyte, etc)
-Dragon Son

Non Fiction

-Giants of Science (series)
-Children in History (series)
-Children Just Like Me
-Biology for Every Kid (and others)
-Zoology coloring book (and others)
-A Cartoon History of the US
-Horrible Histories (series) also, Horrible Geographies, Horrible Science and Murderous Maths
-Lies My Teacher Told Me
-Darwin for Beginners
-Usborne Time lines in History (I think that’s the title!)


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Trish on May 10, 2009 at 1:55 pm

    Hi- I just recently pulled my daughter out of a GT program in NYS. But man, I am very overwhelmed- I was reading your posts- and went to some of the things on your list- and I feel that the ideas in The Well Trained Mind – although excellent are in contradiction with self directed learning- How do you get time to get it all in? How do you actually run each day? Can you give me some idea of structure with the older child’s day? I feel I am struggling to even participate as much as many of you mom’s seem to be able to do.. If she is taking charge then a list of required material seems inappropriate? Your lists are awesome and really helpful- but I can see in some ways we are falling behind- how to get it all in without feeling she is going from subject to subject as they do in regular school? Gatto and The Well trained Mind are a bit in opposition aren’t they? Please keep in mind I am new and have read only a smattering-there is a ton. I know I am now spending all of my time trying to get this material together or that together and organize a plan, all the while taking her to chess or science club etc etc. t I was encouraged that mom’s with jobs are able to homeschool yet I’m having great difficulty getting to my obligations. Any ideas or feedback of a normal day and several are appreciated. Love all your links- thanks



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