and on to the schedule

I kind of dread this post every year, the one where I lay out all of our outside (or extrcurricular to use the school venacular) activities.  It seems to get worse every year as the kids get into more and more things and, since they are getting older, I find some of my own.  It never seems that bad until I write it all out somehow. 

Anyway… we go!


Foster Granny Visit 2-4
Teaching multi age cheer class 4-5
K’s modern class 6:30-7:30


K’s Marine Bio Class 9:15-10:30
C’s Jazz class 6:30-7:15
K’s Jazz Class 7:15-8:00


K’s tumbling class 6-7


K’s Marine Bio class 9:15-10:30
Homeschooling Support group 10:30-12
B’s breaking class 5:30-6:15
C and M’s modern class 5:30-6:15
My ballet class 6:15-7
K and I teach Junior Cheer 7-7:45


K teaching tiny cheer 4-5
Me teaching special needs cheer 5-6

Somewhere in there we also need to cover lessons, practicing for K’s individual cheer routine or her attending another cheer class (which she ends up doin will depend on when the class is being held and how it fits our schedule), and those silly things like eating, sleeping and housework.  Not to mention getting M on the bus at 6:30 and picking her up from it at 2:30.  At least the weekends are free…until cheer comp season starts. 


It hardly seems to fit the homeschooling stereotype does it?


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by schooldownthelane on September 4, 2009 at 1:28 am

    OK, on Friday add Geography class for K from 9:30-11 and Wrting class for K from 11-12. Also possibly Bounce Zone from 11-12 on Tuesday. Too bad we are so reclusive LOL!


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