Planning for the New Year

The new school year that is!

Public school starts here on September 1st and, after a trip to Borders Thursday to attend a Educators event and pick up a few last minute items, we are all set to start our fall term here at The School Down the Lane. 

Things are going to be a little different here at SDTL this year.  First of all B will no longer be attending his small group reading and math program at the local public school, nor will he recieve speech therapy or OT.  This necessitated that we find some new resources.  We are still working on the speech and OT angle, but I was succesful in finding some products for the reading and math.  I feel like we have a real handle on his stuff for this year!

Curriculum for a fabulous 4th grade are as follows:

-Hooked on Phonics
-Kumon Math Workbooks; 3rd grade Word Problems, 3rd grade Geometry and Measurement and 4th grade Decimals and Fractions
-Sonlight Science 4
-Readers and read alouds from Sonlight Core 4

The next thing that is different is that K will be taking a formal class outside the home.  Actually, she has done this before, but it was a writing class and didn’t involve the whole classroom with a teacher in the front, text book and test vibe that this one will have.  There’s even a class field trip!  She’s excited, I’m excited, it’s all good.  I’m kind of bummed that the class will be in the subject I like to teach the most but I’ll survive 😉  We’ve almost got all of her stuff down as well.

Behold our tenth grade curriculum!

-Sonlight Survey of British Lit and then their reading list for the lit portion of core 430
-Parts of AOP Lifepacs Grade 9 History (civics), along with reading from Lies My Teacher Told Me, US History for Dummies and Sonlight core 100
-Marine Biology Class
-Teaching Textbooks 7 (finish) followed by Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra
-Rosetta Stone Italian

For PE both kids will continue with dance; modern lyrical and Jazz for K, Breakdancing for B.  K will also be helping me coach cheer this year as well as coaching her own team of 3-5 yos. 

I figured I’d cover what we did during summer term here as well.

-Both kids took part in the library’s summer reading program (literature)
-Both took dance classes (PE)
-I read shakespeare stories to B (more lit)
-K helped coach cheer (child development, PE)
-B taught himself to swim well (PE)
-B tended his garden (science)
-K finished her Biology (science)
-B finished the math workbook he didn’t finish at school (math)
-K helped W study for his apprenticeship test and in the process learned some algebra and geometry (math)
-K had W read her three different historical fiction books about Abraham Lincoln (history)
-B had W read him several picture books about Antarctica as well as several Magic Tree House books (history and geography)

We’ve had several weeks off to enjoy the sun and the water and now we are all ready to get back in the grove!


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