Did you notice?

that I was gone for almost a year?

that I tried to slip back into blogging with no explination whatsoever?

So…yeah…I’m back!

It wasn’t that we weren’t doing anything all that time, it’s just that I didn’t feel like talking about it.  W lost his job in February and considering the way the company had been treating him it wasn’t a horrible thing……except for the economy of course.  It really felt like trauma on top of extended trauma and we all just retreated for awhile.  Add to that the fact that we were really busy with dance recital and piano recital and other end of the year stuff and I just stopped blogging. 

There has been lots going on here though!  Recital went really well.


M did excellently in her modern class, the teacher even commented on it which is amazing considering her disability.  K came through for me in cheer as well as holding her weight and more in Jazz and Hip Hop/Lyrical and B loved performing…a lot.  Got myself a little drama king methinks LOL!

There were some other things too.

We went to the Maine Wildlife Park


the planetarium


and the new  farmers market. 

 We put on homeschool art day,


history faire,  math day and forensic fun activity. 


We started a cheer program,


ran a cheer clinic and planned several classes for fall. 


I attended our local homeschooling conference and had my 41st birthday.  W and I went to the Stimulate This! tour (what an experience that was *sigh*) and had our 20th wedding anniversary. 

M had her 13th and  B had his 10 1/2 birthday party.



K and I attended the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. 

 We found an injured bat behind our kitchen stove and brought it to wildlife rescue (unfortunately Batty McPhee had to be put down 😦  ). 


 We adopted a kitten and named her Luna 🙂
(picture coming soon)

M attended the 10th anniversary party for the autism program here in town and the kids held their own episode of Chopped.

In short much fun was had by all!  I hope this year is just as exciting 🙂


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