M’s first day of school

actual brick and mortar school!  She;s the only child of mine that actually attends school and she thrives there.  I won’t pretend that doesn’t make me a little sad 😦  but I am glad she enjoys her days in school as much as her sibs and I do at home.  For those who don’t know, M has autism.  The school here has an excellent autism program that she has been part of for the past 7 years.  They truly treasure her for who she is!  We are very lucky and I am very grateful. 

Here is a picture of her as she was leaving to catch the bus.


Just so this post has something to do with our homeschool 😉  I signed K up for two more classes this morning; one writing class-Writing a Term Paper and one geography class-Around the World in 80 days.  She’s more excited about the latter then the former and I’m the other way round LOL!  Two more to add to the schedule 8^O

We have been planning some field trips as well, I’m hoping to go to a workshop at a local living museum and probably apple picking.  I would love to get a group together for either of these and need one for the workshop.  Wish me luck getting some people to sign on! 

And while you are at it could you send me some sign up vibes for our cheer program too?  It’s been slow going 😦


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