What, where, when, why and now how.

I know the curriculum I am using to teach the kids this year (what) and I know our schedule (the where and when).  I even know the reasons behind our homeschooling (why), which is something I sometimes have to remind myself of.  With the exception of some scrambling to work out the cheer schedule that all came together pretty easily. 

What I really had trouble with was the how.

What I mean by that is not so much the method of teaching (I am still firmly in the literary learners camp) as much as the day to day, nitty gritty of what is expected of each child.  I’ve done pretty much every variation of assigning work to my children.  We’ve done daily lessons, we’ve done weekly assignments, we’ve done journaling (where I write down what the kids learned on their own) and we’ve done unit studies. We’ve even done unschooling.  All have had their value and worked for us at one time or another but just didn’t feel right this year.

B seems ready for something a little more formal then free access to a stack of workbooks and the haphazard approuch we’ve been using with Sonlight.  He pretty much asked me for more formal assignments this year, even so far as to ask if I could circle pages in his workbooks and then grade his work. 


Never one to deny my kids anything that isn’t illegeal, immoral or otherwise detrimental, I figured I should try and grant his wishes if I could.  I didn’t really want to do the page circling thing, it felt way too schoolish for me so I sat down with B and we came up with this.

DSCF1837          DSCF1838          DSCF1839

What you see there is what B refers to as his school box.  All his supplies fit in the top and the inside holds various folders, one for each subject.  He will also have the use of a white board that didn’t make it into the pictures. Right now he has a worksheet packet and Mysteries and Marvels of Nature in his Science folder, Hooked on Phonics Yellow Workbook, Cds and reading books in his reading folder, his three Kumon Math workbooks are in his math folder…well, you get the idea.  The idea is that everyday he will need to do something from each folder and I will check his work before bed.  Besides the above mentioned folders he also has one for handwriting (his request) and one for history (currently empty *blush*).  B is absolutely thrilled with this arrangement and cannot wait to start on Tuesday. 

K wants nothing like this 😉  In fact she asked for less in the way of formal assignments.  Of course she’ll have some from her formal classes, but in terms of what we do at home she informed me she would rather just take the curriculum and work at it on her own. Since I feel that it is time for K (for the most part anyway) to take responsiblility for her own education, I agreed, with the caveat that I want her to do math at least three times a week as she tends to ignore math when left to her own defenses.  She was OK with this as long as she gets to take the Laptop into her room so she can work in peace.  I will check her work after every chapter in math, after every workbook in Civics and after every book in Lit.  She is less thrilled then B, but I’m thinking she’s looking forward to doing some brain work despite her moaning and groaning.

I think this is going to work out wonderfully!


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  1. Posted by Jessy on September 14, 2009 at 5:36 am

    LOVE B’s school box! GREAT idea! It’s like “workboxes” only smaller and more manageable!


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