Our First Day of School

It went pretty well I think. Of course when I brought up the fact that they had to start their work they both acted like I either 1. had suddenly sprouted two heads or 2. they had no idea what I was talking about. 

I tried reminding them. 

“You remember right? ”  says I “The stuff we had discussed all summer and had agreed on a system for?  The work we’d picked out together and mom had been buying peicemeal since March?”  They are still looking at me like I’m someone talking Manderin Chinese  “Nothing?  This is news to you?”

Nothing but blank stares and maybe a brief panicked look in the eye.


Ah well, I didn’t let them get away with that and once we’d established that they would actually have to do something it went off without a hitch.

OK, not quite.

K did do her assignment in Civics for the week already.  She also worked on her new book blog, found her next Brit Lit book at the library (Alice in Wonderland) and made hummus for home ec.  She did not do teaching textbooks (yet, she’s taking it to bed so I have to hurry and finish this post) and she was unable to do Italian. 

Why? you ask?  Because I can’t get the Rosetta Stone to install in the laptop!  Apparently there is so sort of compatibility issue with Vista. 

 Behold my angry face >:^( 

DH says he’ll call tomorrow (he’s much more civilized then me in these sorts of situations, I end up getting hung up on) but I’m still ticked. 

B did all I asked of him, with a little prompting.  He listed to his Hooked on Phonics CD, did his practice reading and got two book stickers.  He did one lesson in Grade 3 measurement workbook and did one handwriting page.  He listened to me read about how plants protect themselves and answered the questions I asked him from the workpages.  He even helped with the hummus 😉

As a reward we went to the library and Dollar Tree.  At the library M got to use the computer on high speed, K got a book about Greek myths and B got a book about frogs (his latest obsession).  At Dollar Tree M got a Hannah Montana notebook, K got a frame that says *cheer* on it and two notebooks (for class next Friday) and B got a ball and a bottle of Sprite.  I got stuff to make posters for Spirit Wave, some candy corn (what? I’m weak!) and some teacher stickers.  All this for under $20, gotta love the $1 store!

Then we came home and made Tahini Free Hummus and K and I watched Chopped Champions. 

Good times, good times!


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