The Not Back to School Picnic

Our homeschool group had it’s yearly Not Back to School Picnic today. We met at a local park and everyone was invited to bring a lunch.  We actually didn’t bring lunch, instead opting to go home to eat since I find carting around insulin a PITA, but I digress. 

It was loads of fun!  We a couple of new families attend and one of them even had kids B’s age.  Yay!  We planned a field trip to an organic apple orchard, set up a nature walk/scavenger hunt, discussed places to meet once it gets too cold to go to the park and talked about having a social coop at a member’s house.  I may even have some new kids for cheer! 

Can I say it again? 


It was a very pleasant couple of hours.  K got to hang with the other two teen girls in the group and B got to play with the other kids on the playground and in the woods.  It’s always a joy to me to watch the kids, ages 3-12, all playing together and I got some adult conversation and also coffee 🙂

There was a ibt of excitement at the end of the event though.  Some of the older kids (B included) had gone walking on trail in the woods out back of the park.  Most of them had done this a million times before and I wasn’t worried.  They had instructions to stay on the path and not go too far if they had little kids with them.  The area is very safe and, as I’ve said, they’ve done this before with no issues. 

The good news is they followed the rules.  They stayed on the trail and they made sure everyone in the group was at least 10 before they started on their adventure. 

The bad news is they walked about a mile down the trail, crossing over a rickity bridge and through several private properties while on it.  They were far enough out that they couldn’t hear W calling them to come back until he got well down the trail. 

We had a moment (or two!) of panic until he got far enough out that they could hear him. W was franitcally searching the trail with two other parents while K and I made sure they weren’t hiding in a dugout somewhere.  Several cell phone calls later, after practically every adult there was checking somewhere, W found them.  Apparently they had heard the yelling but hadn’t gotten back yet. What took them so long to come back was the vote they were taking on whether or not they should recross the bridge to get back or wait for the adults.  They decided to go ahead, but before they did they drew up an emergency plan.  If someone fell through and got hurt, one child would stay with them and the other two would go for help.  A good plan, except they would have to cross the bridge to get help (insert rolling eye icon here). 

I was pretty proud of them though, they really thought things through! I was also proud of myself for not freaking out and yelling at B.  I kind of know as a freaker outer.  It’s something I’m working on.

Next time we are bringing walkie talkies and cell phones for the little explorers 😉


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