Homeschool Shorthand

Since the kids are doing more formal type homeschooling this year I decided that I should probably keep track of what they are doing.  In the past I’ve used printouts, primarily from Donna Young, but I was really itching for something more put togehter this year (get it “put together”?  Cause it’s already together?  Yah, sorry) .

I decided on an agenda book my mother had given me.  She works at a high school and gets all kinds of samples from companies wanting the school to choose their particular book.  The extras she takes home and passes on to me.  I’m using two different versions, one like the one M has with a two page spread for a week for K and one with a page for evey week for B. 

 I really like this method so far, the only thing is that the daily sections in B’s book are kind of small which leads us to the title of today’s post!  In order to fit all he does in a day into the little space provided I needed to come up with my own sort of shorthand. 

So Kumon Math Workbook for Grade 3 Geometry and Measurement, lesson 3 becomes Ku Math, Gr 3 Geo/Meas, L 3 and
Hooked on Phonics Yellow Workbook, pages 31-36 is noted as HOP Yell bk pg 31-36 and
reading Mysteries and Marvels of Nature pages 55-56 and doing the cooresponding workpages is noted as MMON pg 55-56 +WP

You get the picture I’m sure.

Now homeschooling is hardly deviod of acronyms before I and my wonderous system came along.  Anyone who homeschools is probably familiar with HOP, AOP, SOTW, SL, TT and BJU.  (hooked on phonics, alpha omega publications, story of the world, sonlight, teaching textbooks and Bob Jones University for those uninitiated).  However this is something I kinda made up myself and although it makes complete sense to me now I’m wondering if I should make a key somewhere so if the homeschool police come knocking on my door in 5 years and I have to show them we did something in 4th grade I’ll be able to decipher my agenda book?  Something to think about anyway 😉

Of course knowing me I’ll abandon this half way through the year and this will all be a moot point!  Besides I always keep everything they’ve done in a box in the attic so baring a fire or severe water damage we should be fine 🙂


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