Deep Breath…

the chaos starts tomorrow!

We actually have a get together with the homeschooling group tomorrow at 9:45 to add to the mix this week. Then on to our regularly scheduled, fully packed, days. 

I’m not sure I’m ready for this.

Well, I’m ready in terms of preparation; K has three notebooks, three folder, all her texts and some pens. We have all the various dance shoes we’ll be needing (two pairs of foot undeez,  two pairs of jazz shoes, three pairs of cheer shoes, a pair of ballet shoes and a pair of street shoes that aren’t worn on the street (for breaking)).  M has a new piano book to practice with.  I have my teacher books set up and a plan what to do while the kids are at their various activities.  I have my choreography set and music picked for cheer. 

What I’m not sure I’m ready for is being busy for pretty much every single day, for pretty much all day.   I am not one who likes to be constantly on the go.  I like my down time and I’m kind of afriad I’ll crash and burn at some point during the year.  I hope I can hack it.

Wish me luck!


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