The Path Less Traveled

We joined some others in our homeschool group today for a nature walk/scavenger hunt. 

Each of us was given a list of things to find during our walk.


Some of the things we found lots of, like mushroom:

DSCF1852    DSCF1850   DSCF1849

and animal tracks:



We also saw beaver tracks and drag marks, the beaver den, a tree they cut down but couldn’t move, some turkey and coyote scat, a turtle, a salamander and lots of flowers, spider webs and several kinds of pine cones. 

Here is the turtle!


Beaver FAIL 😉                                                                        


Drag marks and a footprint. 


A salamander, isn’t he cute?


Here’s our booty!


We stopped about an hour out to eat lunch on the shores of the beaver pond and then hiked back to home base.  The kids had a blast and I really enjoyed seeing all the nature too!  I also enjoyed chatting with the other moms back at the house while the kids played in the yard.


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