Back on Track

I know what you are thinking, how did I get off track in my second week of school?  Well I’m here to tell you that it’s not only possible, with us it’s probable!

My kids….well…they don’t like change.  Routines take time to stick and this week we added dance to ours.  Add to that the fact that I think B is coming down with a little cold and he got thrown off this week.  We did schoolwork at the last minute on Monday and skipped it all together on Tuesday.  B complained every time I brought out the box and acted like every concept was much to hard to do, even the ones he’s done successfully before. 

I know, BAD homeschooling mom 😦 

Well, we got back on track tonight!  B did his work with little complaint and, excpept for truly sloppy handwriting, with awesome results.  He finally got past the review page he was stuck on in HOP and found fractions “easy, except I hate coloring” 😉  He even managed to remember the word genetic as an answer in his science workpages.


K has been having an easier week.  She really enjoyed her first Marine Biology class and did her homework the first night.  She’s kept up with physics and finished Alice in Wonderland.  Math is still giving her trouble, so much in fact that we are having a teacher friend work with her.  She’s not at all happy about it, but I really think it’s necessary. 

Tomorrow night I’m teaching my first cheer class of the year and I’m taking my first dance class since I was about 10.  I’m a little nervous on both counts and will take any luck you are willing to throw my way!


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