Socialization homeschool style

We’ve had a busy week.

Monday there was the nature walk and playtime along with K’s modern class.  B danced with the teen boys in the lower studio while K was in class.

Tuesday K had science class and some time to chat with her classmates after.  Then we had Jazz for K and C in the evening (each having a chance to chat while the other was in class).

Wednesday K had tumbling and we all went to M’s open house.

Thursday we had dance all evening with lots of time for chatting with friends as well as taking classes.

Friday K had geography/writing in the morning (B hung out with the other siblings playing Twister) and  later we went to a potluck supper at the home of a woman who wants to start a relaxed co-op/social time this fall.  We were there all evening and the kids had a really good time playing with the 15 or so other kids who were there. 

I sometimes fall prey to the worry that my kids aren’t getting enough social time with peers.  After all they aren’t in school 6+ hours a day with peers.  They don’t spend tons of time texting and calling and e-mailing friends (heck they don’t even own cell phones!).  Most of the time they seem quite content to be home with (gasp!) their parents and siblings!  It’s downright abnormal!

And then I look at them.

They are happy, they are well adjusted, they are able to converse with both other children and adults.  They do fine in classes where other adults are in charge.  They can hold their own in a large group of children.  They even know how to stand in line if they need to 😉

What exactly is the problem?

There isn’t one.  That is unless you compare them to their schooled peers. Then they seem a little…well…weird.

I’m OK with that 🙂


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