Yup. We’re sick.

It’s often said that one of the great things about homeschooling is that you aren’t constantly exposing your kids to all kinds of germs that are present in the schools and thus don’t get sick as much. Well, it’s true that kids aren’t thrown into a mix of 25-30 new sets of germs every fall but they are hardly isolated. Between having a sister that does attend school and taking part in many activities they get plenty of chances to catch things. 

And catch things they did. 

It’s been presnting as sore throat, stuffed head, aches, coughing and aches.  No fever though so I think it’s just a cold, although I hear the swine flu doesn’t always present with fever so who knows?  I do know it’s been flying through the dance studio faster then anything I’ve ever seen and that some have been getting GI symptoms too.  Hmmmm.  People are getting over it in about 3-5 days so maybe not?  Well, whatever…we’ve all got it now at any rate.

M has been sick since last week.  K came down with it Tuesday and it was bad enough that she missed both a Marine Bio class and our field trip to the apple orchard (more on that later).  B has been sniffly and cranky all day and just started coughing so I suspect he’ll be down next. 


W doesn’t usually catch this stuff but I suspect I’ll have it before weeks end.  I’ve been taking Vit C and zinc pops trying to avoid it but today I feel all achey and tired.  Hopefully it’s just from Ballet last night!


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