Thursday Thirteen #7-13 things I have dressed as for Halloween

1.  A bunny- I was 6…get your mind out of the gutter! I had bunny ears and a tail and was seriously ticked that my mother made me wear a jacket.

2. A dead body..plastic *knife* through my head, lots of fake blood and white/blue eye makeup all over my face

3.  The thing-I was draped in a shredded sheet…lame.

4.  Static Cling…black clothes with socks and undergarments pinned on and my hair all stuck out with hair spray

5.  Spider lady-I attached rubber and plastic ones all over me and draped on some fake spider webs.  Also wore spider ear rings and a necklace.

6.  Cheerleader…not a stretch since I was one at the time.  In my defense it was so I could take the little ones out trick or treating. 

7.  Barbie..plastic mask with eyeholes and a pink plastic cape…chic!  They don’t make them like that anymore (literally).

8.  Baby…footie pajamas and a giant binky.  I drew the line at a diaper.

9.  Witch..big pointy hat, black clothes, green hair spray, wart.  K made me a wand too!

10.  Vampire…plastic teeth, white face paint, black clothes.  I was a bloodsucker before it was cool! 

11.   Black cat..ears on a headband, pin on tail, drawn on whiskers and mittens.  The kids made me do it.

12.  Mrs. Weasley…worn dress, apron with a wand in the pocket and red hair spray (OK this one was for Mugglefest but I’m including it anyway! K dressed as Tonks)

13.  A Ghost…white sheet, holes cut in it….. you know the drill.  It’s a classic!

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Great costumes! One Halloween when I was pregnant I was a nun and my husband was a priest for our annual halloween party 🙂


  2. nice list!


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