K turns 16

She actually turned 16 last Tuesday but we had her party this weekend.  K had some pretty specific ideas about her party, she wanted to do something *arty*, she wanted to have a rainbow cake (lemon flavored) and she wanted to do something outside the house. 


After much debate she decided to take some friends to the local paint your own pottery studio and then back to our house for cake, ice cream and presents.  She got on the horn…er….the computer..and invited her buds and I got on the internet to find a rainbow cake.  After burning many hours of our dial up (yes I still have dial up…stop laughing!) I found the info I needed.

Using a combo of directions from Our Best Bites and Omnonicon I made this cake:



I used the recipe from Our Best Bites and store bought white frosting, adding lemon extract to achieve K’s lemon cake.  The polka dots on the cake are m&ms and K chose the sugar “Happy Birthday” for the top. Everyone was amazed by colors when we cut the cake!  We served it with (what else?) rainbow sherbert 🙂 

I forgot my camera when we went to the pottery place, but they all had a great timje.  K chose to paint a little box shaped like a goldfish..the cracker kind which is one of her favorite snack items…and then gave it a pirate costume.  The girl can never do anything by the book LOL!  Some of the other projects were a puppy figurine, an angel, a horse, a plate, a skull cup and a bowl (that was me!). The studio was really great and we will be back again as a family when we can! 

I did get a picture of K blowing out the candles!


and here she is enjoying the present her grandparents gave to her……a laptop! 


Let me just say how grateful I am to my mom and dad for giving K a really special present for her 16th birthday since W and I were not able to.  As you can see, she really likes it! 

Happy Birthday K!!


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