Apple pickin’

We made another trip to the apple orchard today.  K was unable to go with our homeschool group to pick last month because she was sick and M didn’t come because she was in school.  Add that to the fact that there weren’t many heirloom variaties available for picking the last time and we knew we would be back later.  Turns out later was today!

It was a beautiful fall day…sun shining, wind blowing, a nip in the air…it made apple picking immediately spring to mind.  After a quick check of the orchards website to discover that the Black Oxfords were ready for picking (they are K’s fav) and off we went! 

The first thing we did was visit Ben the goat. 



Ben is seriously the biggest goat I have ever seen and he has a personality to match.  He really loves attention and comes over when you call him!

Next we visited the cafe to get our apples picking bags, get info on what was being picked and snag some whoopie pies.  There were only 4 left so W bought 3.  Here he is enjoying his.


Once armed with picking bags we hit the orchard.  There were plenty of Black Oxfords, Golden Delicious, and Macoun but if we wanted any Zabergau Reinette (which is my fav) or Cortlands we needed to use the picking stick as they were rather picked over and most of the fruit left was up high.


We got a 1/2 peck bag of heirloom apples and one of regular.  Besides having several heirloom varieties available for picking, all the apples at this orchard are certified organic and so is the apple cider! 

While W paid B played on the tractor.


I’m already planning some yummy apple treats!  Hmmmm…apple tart, apple muffins…maybe some warm spiced cider.   Yummy!


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