Oink Oink


It appears we have fallen victim to the swine flu, or at least I have. We have no confirmation of this yet, as my swab (does that word bother you as much as it does me? I always think of CSI!) was just sent to the CDC this morning but the dr said she would be very surprised if it wasn’t the swine flu. I have all the symptoms; sore throat, body aches, stuffy head, clogged chest, cough, loss of appitite and energy, fever, nausea….every single symptom.

And what fun it’s been too! Every since it struck Thursday night (right after B’s dental surgery..thank goodness it held off until then!) I’ve basically either sat on the couch, laid in bed, laid on the coach or sat in bed. Oh, and I did take that trip to the dr’s office for my swab (eeewww). The worst part for me has been the fever. I never get fevers…even when I’m really sick, so this is new…and icky. I am having hot and cold flashes and am having trouble staying hydrated. Oh, and my head feels like it might just blow up. But other then that I’m fine 🙂

The one I’m really concerned about is B. What with the asthma and the fact that he was vented for his surgery right before it struck he is at high risk.  He started sneezing and coughing yesterday evening and is complaining of a sore throat (which could be from the vent).  No fever yet…but then I had some cold symptoms before the plaugue struck too so I’m keeping a close eye on him.

At least when I’m awake.

The encouraging thing is that the dr seemed to think I’ll be fine and to just “treat it symptomatically” which I am doing for both of us with advil, sudafed, benadryl and as much lemon propel(me) and apple juice (B) as we can stomach.  My blood sugar keeps fluctuating wildly, it was 209 before lunch and 83 before dinner, and I generally feel like crud but I have faith I’ll be just fine in a few days.

I only hope to be able to say the same for B.  We geared up for possible trouble by dragging out the nebulizer, making sure we have plenty of inhalors and thaqt he takes his meds (he’s been known to skip the morning dose of flovent given half a chance).  I also have the promise that if I test posative they will give the antiviral to everyone in the house. 

Of course by the time they actually hear back from the CDC I’m betting everyone in the house will already have it. 

Did I just write “hear back from the CDC”?

Now I feel like I’m on an episode of Medical Investigation.

Obviously there isn’t a lot of school going on here, at least not of the formal sort.  Between B having surgery, having to rest after surgery and now the flu there have been a lot of video games being played and a lot of TV being watched.  At least B has chosen Zoo Tycoon and Age of Empires which have a little educational value and we watched a marathon of Magic School Bus so that must count for something right? Frankly I’m having a hard time caring right at the moment.

Hopefully things will be back to normal soon.


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