Before and After

and no, this isn’t an ad for the style Channel.

After several days of sleeping and a couple doses of antibiotic (I ended up with bronchitis!) I finally feel well enough to chronicle B’s extreme mouth makeover.

The drama started on Tuesday when the hospital called up and informed us that the surgery had been changed from 11:30 to 3:00. 


They expected a 10yo with hypoglycemia to go from Wednesday evening until after surgery at 3PM without food or drink?!?! Pardon my language but WTF?  After several phone calls we determined that the delay was due to “equipment problems” (doesn’t that give one the warm fuzzies?) and that the only way to avoid this was to reschedule his surgery….the earliest we could do it would be January.

Uh…no.  3PM it is.  We ended up keeping him up until 11 and giving him a snack before bed which didn’t keep him from waking from surgery famished.

Then the day of surgery they called us in early and then made us wait for hoouuurrss in the boring waiting room.  We were bored enough to take some “before” pics of B’s mouth (warning…it’s not pretty)


They finally called us in at 2 (we’d been waiting 2.5 hours at that point) and B got gowned up and  onto the bed.  The nurses were wonderful and we were doing pretty well at this point.


Then the bit….er…I mean the anethesiologist assistant came in. She proceeded to be a real ray of sunshine by 1.  informing us how much of a risk we were taking by letting them do surgery while B had a cold and asthma (not what either dr said and I asked specifically) and suggesting we cancel.  She backed down after I asked to speak to Dr. L. 2.  pressuring B to get his IV before being sedated (we were told this was NEVER done with children) and 3. trying to take B off to the OR without W or I while B was asking repeatedly that someon come with him.   She even had them take the bed out of our sight while W was suiting up!  Um…NOT OK! 

It all worked out in the end.  B agreed to the IV and handled it like a pro, he handled everything just fine and W got into the OR before B went under despite Ms. B!tch’s best efforts.  The surgery ended up taking two hours, and since the dentist told us 30minutes to an hour I was getting a little panicky. We were out of the hospital by 5pm and by 7pm B was demanding rice.

Oh, and I didn’t get to eat lunch until 3pm because I refused to eat in front of poor B. Of course, by the time I got a chance to eat the caf was closed so I had to eat out of the vending machines.  Mmmmm…snickers, smartfood and diet coke…the lunch of champions!

It was not without it’s trial and tribulations but all in all it was definately worth it!  In the end he had 25 (!) teeth rebuilt and the results are nothing short of amazing.


The gaps were left there intentionally since B has an underbite and will need braces to correct that.  Dr. L was pretty darn proud of his work, justifiably IMO. 

I’m just glad it’s over.


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