Out of quarrentine!

we were all able to leave the house tonight and I must say…what a relief! 

B has been feeling better for almost a week now and he’s been driving. me. crazy. 

 M was so ready to go back to school.

K and W never really got very sick and have been slowly going stir crazy.

I have been getting way to used to sitting on the couch, staying up too late and sleeping in.

In short we all needed to get out and socialize…STAT!  Off to the dance studio!

We all got a little something tonight…B got to breakdance, K got to teach and hang with some of the other teens, I got to talk with some other moms and teach cheer (one of my favorite things!), M got to use my laptop and dance and even W had fun…he went to Home Depot 😉

Tomorrow is our Halloween Party which should be a lot of fun and then Saturday it’s off to the local museum for trick or treat! 

It’s good to be back to normal…..or at least what passes for it around here LOL!



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