Halloween 2009

We got off ot rather a slow start with our Halloween holiday here at School Down the Lane.  Scheduling issues kept us from deocrating until the second week in October…almost unheard of  for us!  Then I came down with the plague of the damned  Swine flu almost immediately after that.  Frankly, halloween has been the last thing on my mind!

That changed this week.  I was able to get in the (Halloween) spirit at last!

I put together good bags for my cheerleaders.  I bought pumpkins.  I planned our Halloween party. 

Which was tonight!

Yesterday evening the kids carved their pupmkins. 


M didn’t want to carve…but she put in her order for a Jack pumpkin:


B really got into it…he designed this one himself and couldn’t be more proud!


Even C got into it and carved her’s with a picture of Cheese!


With our outdoor decorations all set, we had our party today!  We had lots of good food, like chili (bloody guts), sliced hot dogs in BBQ sauce (worms), hummus, Buffulo chicken dip, salsa,  and the highlight of the evening……Mummy dogs!


We also had lots of dessert like cupcakes,


skeleton finger pops


and decorate your own cookies.

Besides the cookies we had a couple of other fun things to do.  We had a potions table:


and make a candle holder station.


The candle holder activity came from one I found on Our Best Bites.  They used a mason jar, but I couldn’t find any so I got votive holders instead and just let the kids go free form with some Halloween tissue paper.  You can see the freshly finished holder in the picture…they will look less cloudy when dry, but ours aren’t dry yet.

Of course we also had some really good costumes


and some not so good ones


I’m not sure what W thought he was dressing as but M was determined to protect him from the humiliation of preseving it on film 😉

B’s costume was a bit cooler, he was a pit crew worker.  You can see him here pretending to drink spider vemon (which was actually white vinager).


Everyone had a great time!  Now on to trick or treat tomorrow…hopefully M will actually put on her costume for that!


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