Halloween cont.

Tonight we all went to the local living museum to go trick or treating. Everyone but Maddie went under protest., it seems B only wanted omse candy aand K would have been happy to skip the whole thing. Well…since M really wanted to go and there was going to be candy…we went.  We left K with the option of spending her evening at the grandparents working on her term paper and, strangely enough, she decided to come with us 😉

When we got there I made asked the kids to pose for a picture. 

It was really windy…


but after a couple of tries we managed to get a shot


K dressed as a witch, M is Yumi from Code Lyoko and B was a race car driver (I know I said last night that he was a pit crew worker, that ‘s what the costume said but he is now insisting he’s a race car driver).  I also dressed up…sort of.  I wore my best pair of flannel PJ’s, put my hair in pigtails and brought along ALice, my rag doll.  No picutres of me…that’s the perks of wielding the camera!  

We arrived just as it was getting dark which I personally prefer for Trick or Treating.  The kids hit a couple of houses and then B needed to use the bathroom (typical, I know every public bathroom in the tri-state area).  While he was in there I snapped a couple of shot, the first is M posing, the second is the decorated trees.



We had a blast gathering candy, watching the werewolves in the garden playing with their bones, listening to scary stories, catching a few mintes of The Corpse Bride in the outdoor theater and munching on kettle corn.  We avoided the bonfire because it was in the 70’s which was just downright weird.  There were several scenes going on inside the windows which varied from slightly scary to dowright creepy.  This one was more on the tame end.


One of the last houses we stopped at was the Witches House.  The kids always enjoy her house because she’s dressed to the nines and because she gives out Witches Warts candy, one of their favs.


After about 1.5 hours we’d done everything we wanted to do and everyone was getting hungry so we headed out.


After a quick stop at the grocery store for frozen pizza and some GFCF chicken nuggets we went home, had dinner and went to bed.  Well….the kid went to bed, I’m still awake and updating this blog!


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