What we’ve been up to

I always do this don’t I? Life gets to be too much and my blog suffers. I’d apologize but would it really make a difference?



So Halloween is over…what’s next?  Lots and lots of cheerleading for one thing.  Frankly it consumed K and I.  It’s going well though, I managed to find a few competitions that would let my little team (ended up with 4) compete and one treated us so well that we will certainly be back next year.  ACDA gave us out own division and even gave each girl her own trophy!  Add to that the fact that they ran completely on time and I can’t say enough about how awesome they are! 

The biggest news is that W not only got a job…he got 2!  OK, so not at the same time 😉  He was hired at a local company in November and just recently got offered a job.  The local co is a very good job, at not very good pay.  It is also only temporary so W was continuing his job search.  It paid off and he just this week got offered a job for almost twice as much per hour.  It will be a relief financially for sure! 

Homeschool wise we’ve been trucking along. 

K entered  the Book Arts Bash and will hear about how she did soon.  She is also writing a paper for Maine History Day.  Her marine bio class is going well and she has turned into the star pupil.  She is planning on taking some classes at the local Community College next year so she must like the structure 🙂 She’s almost through her Brit Lit.  Dance is going well for her and she is thrilled that our studio brought in a teacher from London to teach contemporary.  She loves him and (and I quote) *not just because he’s a hot british guy*.  She is picking up Italian and is ready for algebra IMO.  Fractions are still a sticking point but I think we need to move on. 

B is doing well with his reading and writing…when I can get him to do it.  Still well behind grade level but making progress which is all I ask. He continues to dabble in math, picking up skills easily enough that it shocks me sometimes. He is loving breakdancing and is learning new freezes every week.  He has discovered a love of fiction and is enjoying having W read him the entire Series of Unfortunate Events series…I think they are on #5.   

M has been loving Jr. High this year…which is a relief!  She has several “jobs” at school and joined Chorus.  We even got to see her sing at the winter concert!  Her birthday was a rousing sucess (I’ll have pics later) and she enjoyed the holiday season. 

Me?  I’ve been plugging along.  I will admit to struggling with all this; the financial problems, the constant changes, the stress of having my own buisness and lately it’s been very hard but hopefully with W’s new job and the end of cheer season things will even out.

Speaking of the holidays. ….they were fabulous!  Despite our financial situation family made sure the kids had a great one!  My brother bought the kids a Wii and we were also gifted enough money to buy some games as well as several games themselves.  It’s been a real sanity saver I must say…even M gets into it.  So far the favs have been Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and All Star Cheer Squad.  I like Are You Smarter then a 5th Grader?.  We had some nice celebrations with family too.  fro Christmas Eve this year we deicded to have a Russian theme and made a tradtional meal as well as making decorated eggs and foam version of nesting dolls.  I’ll have more on that later. 

That’s all for now.  I’m going to come back soon (promise!) and post about some of the specific things we’ve been doing and hopefully I won’t fall behind……for a little while anyway!


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