The Best Laid Plans

you know the rest of that quote goes, right? 


K did not make the finals in the Book Arts Bash and was very dissapointed 😦  This made her rethink her previous decision to take a creative writing class at the local CC next fall.  Then she decided that she was not going to enter Maine History Day after all.  After I took a step back so I wouldn’t berate her for being a big ‘ol quitter we had a discussion about why she had made this decision. 

Turns out she didn’t think that she had time to read the books she needed to to write the paper and to write it properly before the deadline.  Since this was partially my fault (she can’t get her self to the library after all) and she made a good point I was open to her decision.  Then came the waffling…..should I write it?  Shouldn’t I?  What is the point if I can’t enter the contest?  What if I lose again? What do you think I should do?

(I’m going to stop here and make a note.  K is a wonderful kid…really she is.  She does have a bad habit though of not being able to make a decision without an act of God.  I love her, but sometimes she makes me want to run screaming into the woods.  That is all.) 

Eventually after many tears (mine) and much hand wringing (hers) the decision was made that she would still write the paper and if it was done in time…great!  If it wasn’t done, she would put it in her portfolio for college apps. 

The decision about next fall’s class is still on the table.


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