Maine Maple Sunday

OK so I’m a week late posting…sue me!  Just kidding…don’t…I have nothing for you anyway 😉

We visted our usual haunts this year, we saw the cows, horses and pigs at our first stop.  As usual M was making friends with the animals.  Here she is getting cow kisses!

B won some bubble gum in the sap lugging contest.  He managed to shave one whole second off his time from last year! 😉

Then we went to visit the Alpacas.

Those fine looking boys are Big Chief and Geronimo.  As you can see M made another now friend!

Our final stop was the most informative.  It was ust a little sugar house, no animals or anything but they gave us a full tour of the equipment which incorperated things like density, boiling point and viscosity. He also explained to us how the syrup is graded.  They even had tasting samples set up of all grades…we decided we like Extra Dark Amber best.  It has a much stronger maple flavor then the more coveted light amber.

We bought some of it to add to the rest of the stash.

I even learned how to make a glaze for the Easter Ham using maple syrup.  Yum!


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