Flashback-Russian Christmas Eve

As some of you already know, here at School Down the Lane we try to pick a country every year at Christmas and celebrate in the traditions of that country.  Typically this happens on Christmas Eve and this year was no excpetion.  In the past we have done Italy and Germany and this year we decided on Russia. 

I found links on what was involved in a traditional Russian Christmas Eve dinner and eventually settled on our own version of the Holy Supper. Basically this involes 12 different foods representing the 12 apostles.  Usually these are:

  • mushroom soup
  • bread
  • garlic
  • baked fish
  • honey
  • fruit
  • nuts
  • peas
  • beans
  • parsley potatoes
  • poppyseed biscuits
  • red wine

Our dinner consisted of

  • parsley potatoes
  • dried cranberries and appricots
  • mixed nuts in the shell
  • fish sticks (we tried to bake fish but had a little snafu)
  • beans and rice
  • bread with honey
  • garlic bread
  • mushroom soup
  • grape juice
  • poppy seed cake

We skipped the peas because we all hate them 😉

Here’s a picture of some of the spread…as you can see things are still being brought out.

We also did some Russian themed crafts.  We made ornaments that looked like Nesting Dolls..

and our own version of painted eggs.


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