Forces of Nature

B and I have been doing some fun stuff is science lately.  We’ve been reading about forces in The Usborne Science Encycopedia and also doing some easy and fun little activities to illustrate the principals.

We dropped a slipper and a boot to illustarte gravity.

We dropped a crumpled piece of paper and a flat one to illustrate air resistance.

We spun some eggs and pulled a piece of paper out from under a cup of water to show how inertia works.

We spun in circles holding a bucket of water to illustrate centripetal force.

We made some electrical forces by rubbing a plastic comb through out clean hair and picking up some tissue paper.

We rubbed our hands together to make heat using friction.

B also discovered that last one on his own when he melted the bottom of his crocs trying to stop his bike using his feet instead of the brakes 😉


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