A bit of culture

Tonight we attended the district wide art show and Jr. High Chorus concert.  This is an event that happens every year but we hadn’t been in awhile.  When K was in school we would go and see her artwork but since she left we really hadn’t had a reason to go (M loves art and does well, but she hasn’t made anything worthy of the art show since 1st grade).  This year M is in the JR. High Chorus so off we went!

There were some really nice peices of art there!  My favs were the oriental hanging panel thingies and the shading peices.  I also enjoyed the pic of Marilyn Manson ;0)  K liked the montage of Voldemort.

After we checked out the art it was time for M to join the other kids and sing for us!

Everything was going pretty well and the kids were filing in..

until the had microphone trouble and chaos reined for awhile..

new mic..everything is once again right with the world!

M did very well.  Well, she was very nervous (and the whole mic malfunction didn’t help!) and she didn’t sing much at first but by the last song she was belting it out!  It was clearly her favorite and I have a clip on video but can’t figure how to post it here.  She was very excited to see her friend Vincent 🙂  I saw several people there also…it was really a nice night!


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