I like to be…under the sea

OK, maybe not under really, but I do love the sea!  So do my kids and today we decided to take a trip to the Seacoast Science Center.   Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so no pictures, but we had a great time anyway!

We spent a huge chunk of time at the Indoor Tide Pool Touch Tank.  The kids picked up sea urchins, starfish, marine hermit crabs, mussels and snails.  They loved the starfish and urchins best as they would try and attach to your hand.  We learned that they work these suction feet using hydrolics…I have to say it was very cool to see a live sea urchin!

M also really enjoyed hearing about Tofu the Humpback whale.  They had a movie about him and lots of interactive whale exhibits plus they had a replica of his skeleton hanging form the ceiling.  She loved him so much she bought a whale tail necklace from the gift shop 🙂

B loved…well..everything!  You could almost see him saoking up the knowledge…it was cool to watch.  His favs were probably the interactive fishing boat (you could try on all the equipment), the tide pool and finding things for the scavenger hunt. 

K  liked the animals, whether in the pool or in the tanks.  She also thought the fact that part of the center was made from an old homestead house was pretty darn cool!

After we’d explored the center to our hearts content and visited the gift shop (B got a stuffed lobster and K got a whale magnet) we decided to visit the beach just outside.  It is a rocky beach, typical for the shore in this part of New England and it was rough walking, espcecially since the tide was pretty high so no sand was exposed.  We had a lot of fun finding sea glass (W), driftwood and a crab carapace (Me), snails (K) and seaweed (everyone).  M, B and I even took our shoes off…boy was that water cold!!

Once our toes were too frozen to continue we retired to the playgroud for some swinging and sliding….that is we did until the skies opened up on us and drove us to the car!  It was a fun day and we plan on going back again this summer.


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