Mummy Chicken Day!

We’ve been reading about Ancient Egypt here at SDTL.  One of the projects suggested by Story of the World is making a chicken mummy.  I have wanted to do this for year but K was never into making a mummy and so opted to make the sugar cube pyramid instead 😉  Today I got to live my dream because….

Today is the day that we begin our mummy chicken project at The School Down the Lane!!

(it’s not as gross as it sounds)

You need a lot of supplies to make a mummy chicken.  You need the stuff to make the salts and prepare the chicken for mummification…

and of course you need chickens (or in our case cornish hens)..

The kids mixed up the natron salt (aka salt, baking soda, baking powder and cinnamon)

Once the salts were mixed we got ready to give the chickens an alcohol bath..

Then we filled the cavities with salts and put them in bags, covering them with salts

We even did the organs…at least the kidney and liver that came with the hens.

We even made some scented oil…or we started the process by filling a jar with cinnamon and vegetable oil.

Now that everything is bagged it just a matter of checking the bags daily and replacing any wet salt.  I’ll keep you updated!  Once the chickens are fully mummified we will rub them with the oil we made and wrap them in glue soaked strips of fabric.  The kids also want to make canoptic jars for the kidney and liver.  We will cover some spice jars with paper mache later tonight for that.

Chicken Mummies-week 1

Chicken Mummies-the wrap up


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