They Spoke the Truth

I have a confession to make.  I have trouble trusting.  Trusting my kids will do things when they are ready, trusting that I don’t have to force them or drill them or “train” them…or even to teach them.  I want (so very badly!) to be one of those serene unschooling moms I know that state with complete confidence that “children teach themselves” and “they will learn when they need to”, going through their homeschooling life shunning lessons and test and the other paraphenelia of the classroom. 

Now, don’t get me wrong…I really believe all those theory.  It’s just applying the theory to my children that I have an issue with.  It’s “my” issue entirely, and I take ownership of it, but sometimes it keeps me up at night.  Thing is…the kids always come through.

Take my oldest for example.  Remember the post about how she was considering taking a class at the local Community College?  Well, she’s done it.  Just this week we registered her for Early Childhood Ed 101.  I was so proud at how she handled herself…talking about her learning disability with the intake lady, speaking for herself depsite the fact that she was extremely nervous.  She wrote a fine essay for her application, one that was complimented by the intake lady, (thank you Darlene!!) and was able to report a 3.5 GPA  that included an A in a 12th grade level science course. 

This from a girl who two years ago couldn’t write a legible sentence and hadn’t had formal teaching in English since the third grade (and she was failing that). 

She’s almost finished the math book I gave her back in March, has finished her government workbooks (depsite the fact that she hates them and “they are stupid”) and is on track to finish Brit Lit…all without any prompting from me.  And that History Day paper?  She didn’t get it done in time, but she did get it done!   Why? In her words “I’ll need the practice for papers in college”.  Yes maam, you will!  🙂

This is the child that I cried tears over ever learning math without my putting a gun to her head and who claimed that she thought anything relating to her home country was boring and she didn’t want to learn about it (OK, I think that probably still holds true, but at least she’s seeing that she needs to do it anyway!). 

I guess all those people who told me she’d learn things when she needed to, when she saw the value in learning them, were right after all.


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