A Great Day for K

A bit of background first….K and I have been teaching a cheer class for the last couple of years at our dance studio.  There hasn’t been a lot of interest..I think mostly due to the age group (junior cheer, ages 10-13) and the fact that we had a late time slot.  We’ve always had fun with it but what K really wanted was the mini cheer class.  Up until very recently it was always taught by one of the other teen teachers but she recently left.  K was hoping that she would get to take it over but that didn’t happen.  I was very proud of her..despite her disappointment she graciously offered to help the other teacher if needed and did end up taking over the class once for her. 

Welllllll……apparently her good attitude and skill came through for her because she was just asked to take the mini cheer class next year!!  She is very excited and I am very excited for her…this is a very good thing!  She is a great coach and I can’t wait to see what she does.  Yay!!!


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