That about says it all.  This was recital week here at School Down the Lane and it pretty much consumed our lives for the week!  This was an exciting year as most of the kid were in the evening recital.  M’s lyrical class was there as were both K’s Jazz and Modern.  Even my cheer class was in the evening recital. In fact, only B was in the afternoon.

I wasn’t a backstage mom this year (thank goodness!) but I was able to hang out backstage since I’m  a teacher.  It was hot, sweaty, chaotic, crazy and a whole lot of fun!!  At dress rehersal I got some good pictures but I won’t be posting most of them since I don’t want to put other people’s children on-line.  I did get a few that are either too blurry or the kids are posed so that they can’t be identified.  Here you go!

M’s lyrical class…they did Christmas Shoes and Welcome to Heartbreak, I believe this was the second number.

K’s Jazz…they danced to Funhouse by Pink

My Immortal…K’s Modern class

 I love this picture, I think it looks like I did that on purpose.

Oh, and here is one of the kid’s friend C’s number..Jazz to Evacuate the Dancefloor

Unfortunately I didn’t get any picture of B at the afternoon rehersal since I wasn’t backstage.  I did get a video of him onstage but since that took 2.5hrs to upload on facebook and has recognizable faces in it I’ll have to skip sharing it with you (sorry).  Hopefully I can get some good stills from it and post them at a later time.

They all did really well, M was particularly impressive this year..right on time and everything…K almost made me cry during her modern routine (and the Jazz was hysterical).  I was also very proud of my cheer team…they went through a lot this year; lots of kids quit the class and some joined late (including one who joined in the last 3 weeks and learned the entire routine before recital) which always throws things off.  They gave the best performance I’d seen all year on recital night.  “Sniff” I was so proud!

The whole day was so emotional for me.  Between being so nervous and proud about my cheer team, the fact that K’s and my favorite teacher won’t be coming back next year and that the owner started crying during her speech and I spent most of the day either with tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat or both!  Exhausting…but so worth it.  I love our dance studio…everyone is so supportive of M and B got catcalls for his breaking 😉 

Now we get a few weeks break before summer classes start 🙂


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