Recycled Plant Pot Project

W adn I bought ourselves a Kerig coffee pot with our tax refund this year.  With W going back to work I was tired of re-heating cold coffee or throwing out lots of coffee everyday.  Overall it’s worked out great but I do admit to feeling guilty about throwing away all those used K-pods.  I started pulling them apart and composting the coffee and filters inside awhile ago but I wanted to do more….what could I use those little plastic cups for? 

I know! Seedling pots!!

Here is my tutorial:

first you peel off the foil top

then you dump out the coffee grounds and remove the filter

you can see the drain hole at the bottom

we gathered a bunch

We took them outside to plant

they fit really nicely into recycled egg cartons!

Now to see if anything actually grows or if my black thumb of death takes over 😉


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