And so another year passes….

We had our annual assessments this past Wednesday and it was very bittersweet for me. 

On the posative side I see the growth my kids had this year….and there was lots of it!  K has finally found math that makes sense to her, took on formal, out of home classes and feels ready to take on competitive cheer again as well as college classes next year.  B has made some friends (independant of me as opposed to kids of my friends) and has begun the de-coding process of reading. 

On the other hand B is still well behind where he should be developmentally…this is no big surprise but much as IEP meeting for M drive this point home for me, assessments do it with B.  I know I am doing my best with him and really, it’s certainly no worse (and considerably better really) then PS was doing….I just wish I could help him more..that I could “fix” him.  Alas…I cannnot. 😦   I also feel like I would be a much better mother to my kids then I currently am…my patience is wearing thin with both my girls lately and I desperately would like to reconnect with M especially.  B could use a little more of my attention as well. 

On the actually homeschooling side of things I have mostly everything in place for next year…

K will take Intro to Early Childhood Ed at the local CC, will do am american lit course I am in process of designing, will take Chemistry here at home and will continue in her journey with Fred by completing Life of Fred, Intro to Algrebra.  She will help me with my (new) job as the local youth sport org’s cheer commissioner, her mini cheer class and our cheer co’s tiny team as well as taking part in a competitive cheer team with kids her own age.  She will also (reluctantly) cover American History with US History for Dummies (she really will this time!).

B will do Apologia’s Elementary Zoology, continue with Kumon workbooks and abacus, finish SOTW volune 1 and perhaps start Volume 2, continue with Hooked on Phonics and get read to on a regular basis. He will keep break dancing and bike riding and playing video games too 😉

I even have some stuff I am planning on getting for M.  She will be going to high school this year but will stay with her autism program so she’ll be in a contained classroom for everything but Chorus and lunch.  I have some books I want to send with her, they include the Manga Guides and several Graphic Classics.  I would like to see her get more traditional touchpoints in a way that makes sense for her.  She will also continue to dance modern/lyrical…something she has been very sucessful in.

All in all it’s been an OK year…but I know we can all do better. 

Here’s to new years and new beginnings!!  Wish us luck!


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