Chicken Mummies-the wrap up

Today we decided the mummies had been hanging out in the natron long enough and it was time to wrap ’em up!  First thing we did was to clean them off and rub them with the cinnamon oil.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of that because they wouldn’t wait for me to find new batteries for the camera….darn love of learning! 😉

I did get a picture of them wrapping up the mummies.  They used cheesecloth and some rolls of gauze we had laying around dipped in Mod Podge. 

They decided to wrap the wings (and in the case of C the legs too) so that the mummies would be recognisable as chickens.  They also named them…behold!

King Bobantamen!

and Queen Cluckopatra!

After wrapping they were gilded and entombed.

The gilding was achieved by spraying the mummies with gold spray glitter (did you know they card when you buy spray glitter?).  The tombs were gladware first spray painted (black for King Bob, blue for Queen Cluck), the spray glittered, then handpainted and bejewled by the kids. 

They also made canopic jars…

This one contains the kidney of King Bob

and this one the liver of Queen Cluck (which by the by STINKS-that one went home with C)

The canopic jars are old jars (spice and olive respectively) that they paper mached and then painted.  Notice how each of them matched the jars to the tombs?  Totally not my idea..did that all on their own!

Chicken Mummies-the beginning

Chicken Mummies-week 1


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