Field Trip-The Beach!!!!

Saturday it was just. too. hot.  We decided the best course of action would be to head to the beach figuring it would either be cooler there or, at the very least, there would be water to swim in.  Turns out both things were true!  There was very little traffic at the big beach because most of the riff raff tourists were either at the smaller beach where the shops and clubs are, or at the harbor where some sort of event we didn’t care about was happening.  Worked out well for us let me tell you 😉

Despite the fact that M swore she “was NOT going to swim” and  claimed “I hate that dumb ocean!”  she did, in fact, venture in.

B learned to use his new boogie board.

Eventually everyone went in

Once we had all cooled off, we headed off to the tidepools!  K was very interested to see what we could find after having taken Marine Bio this year!  We found lots of interesting creatures.

lots of snails:

a tiny crab,

barnacles and itty bitty  muscles (aren’t they adorable?)

B found a giant clam that W, M and B witnessed standing on it’s foot and burying itself.  K and I were at the tidepools so all we got was squirted when we dug it up LOL!  I’m glad we were at the pools though because we saw a barnacle feeding which was amazingly cool .  I manged to get a pic, but it’s really hard to see the barnacle in it 😦  Unfortunately by the time we dug up Clammy (yes they named it) the camera was low on batteries.

It was dark before we headed home and we are already making plans for the next trip!


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