Frog and Toad……..amoung other things

We’ve been busy this summer but not doing anything all the exciting to blog about. 

K and I participated in  the library summer reading program and got us plenty of free books (I heart free books!).   K also helped out at the end of program party but I managed to forget the camera for that one 😦

M survived summer school and I had a birthday.  It was beach themed, meaning both that we had it at the beach…

and that one of my presents was a beach in a box! 

Pretty cool huh?  My Mom bought it for me from  Old Bottle Sea Glass of Maine and I absolutely love it! You can turn it every which way and new things show up like this:

We’ve been dancing and cheering and I’ve been going to a LOT of board meetings.  Board meetings? (you ask)  Yes, board meetings!  I’ve taken on the job of cheer commisioner for our local youth sports org.  It’s been…interesting.  I’ve learned a lot about how these things (meaning non-profits) work and it’s been a lot more work then I thought but since we started practices I’ve been having loads of fun! 

W did a 6 week stint on 2nd shift which we all barely survived (yuck).  Of course being stuck at home gave us lots of time for exploring our yard.  The kids did a lot of fishing, playing in the blow up pool and in their travels found the following critters:

We think that last guy was a pickerel frog.  Pickeral frogs have toxic skin and are so named because pickerals are one of the only creatures who will eat them…or even bother them.  Seems most dogs even know enough to leave them alone.  Notice I said most?  Yeah…that’s becuase mine didn’t get that memo apparently.  He came in from his potty break one night panting and shaking and unable to close his mouth due to swelling.   After checking with the experts (googling) I determined it was an allergic reaction and gave him some benedryl.  Then I realized I gave him too much benedryl and had to call the emergency vet.  Long story short…it was an allergic reaction, it was not a toxic overdose and the next morning we found hoppy up there hanging out in the dog pen.  Mystery solved!

Oh…and we’ve been busy with another little creature, although we didn’t find this one in the backyard.

His name is Angus Obsidian Bottomless Pit…Angus for short 🙂  He is completely adorable and not taking an guff from the other cats (or dogs for that matter).  I think he may be the reincarnation of my beloved Johnson…haven’t decided if that’s good or bad 😉

Well….that’s our summer wrap up!  We start our school year next week so I’m sure I’ll be back soon!


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