The Not Back to School Picnic

Today was our annual Not Back to School Picnic.  Yes, school actually started around here last week, but it was really hot and the air quality was bad so we decided to postpone until this week. 

It was a rather small crowd this year, but the kids had fun making up games and just hanging out.

We talked about where we should meet when it starts getting too cold to meet outside and what all wanted from the group.  Turns out most of us just wanted to get together and hang…..several locations were discussed and many rejected.  It seems that it is very hard to find a free place to meet and nobody wants to commit to paying.  We didn’t even stay long as everyone had places to go and people to see.  I was kind of sad when we left 😦  I am hoping all this (lack of meeting space, everyone being busy)  doesn’t drive the group into the ground….I miss my homeschool mom connnections!  I also know that B misses the other kids.  II’m really hopw we manage to hold it together and actually get together this winter!


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  1. ((Jen)) It’s sad when groups flounder! Hopefully it’ll pick back up. A group can provide SO much for both the kids and the Moms/Dads!


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