End of the Year Ketchup Post

So much went on this year that I was unable to keep up!  I do, however, want to record it all for posterity as it were.  Sooooo….here is my ketchup (or catch up LOL!) post!


K celebrated her 17th birthday! 

As per her request, her grandmother and myself took her to Salem, MA for the day.  We toured “Witch City” and she got herself a tatoo!

Ok…it’s just an airbrushed tatoo 😉

This is also the month that K and I started coaching a local rec football cheering team. 

It was a lot of work but we enjoyed it for the most part.  We did decide to stick to running the program next year and leave the coaching to others!


This month we started up our all-star cheerleading program for it’s second season!  We had a great turn out and we really enjoy working with the kids!

Our little dog Mr. Biscuit had to have surgery this month to remove a lump from his head and have his teethe cleaned.  He was less then happy with the whole thing! 

This was also the month of our favorite holiday….Halloween!

K dressed as Medusa, M as a Dark Fairy and B and a ninja.  Our friend C dressed as a Zombie Prom Queen which ws awesome!  We did not attend trick or treat at the living museum, instead going to a Halloween party at our dance studio.  We also had our annual Halloween party where we served breadstick bones,  Mummy dogs,  Mummy pizzas, cupcakes and candied popcorn. 


This month K, our friend C and I attended the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 midnight premier.  K was Deatheater Bellatrix, C was Azkaban Bellatrix and I was a dementor.

We also celebrated Thanksgiving and got to visit with our little neice and nephews.


December was a big month here! 

M celebrated her 15th birthday..

K finished her first college class and recieved an A!  Here is her final project 🙂

B had his at home birthday (he will have his party on his 1/2 birthday in June).  Here he is playing with his silver playdoh that he got as a gift.

Of course we also celebrated Christmas by making lots of cookies…

and by having our annual Christmas Eve celebration of celebrating another culture.  We did Chile this year and had Empanadas, Chilian salad, Chilian rice and roast chicken. 

We had Dulche de Leche for desert.  We made that by cooking the cans in the crockpot….it was a  bit messy 🙂 



Some exciting things happened this month!

Our studio moved locations

K and I took our tiny team to competition..

and we did some animal tracking in the snow

K started her 2nd college class (photography) and we did a house wide frugality study where we learned to make a lot of stuff homemade from what we had around the house….like this chex mix.

and homemade Chinese food.


This month revolved mainly around cheerleading as we not only took our youth team to thier first and second competitions..

but K also competed herself for the first time in several years! 

We did manage to get some fun in though and we attended a sledding party!


This month we spent a lot of time trying not to lose our minds because it would. stop. snowing.  Our cheer season ended with a 1st place win for both our tiny and youth teams and a fun end of year party.

it was a nice way to end an almost unbearable month.


Oh April!  What a month!  On our very first day we were presented with this sight when K went to pick up her new pet rat Willow.

for those of you unfamiliar those are newborn baby rats….10 of them to be exact.  It was the beginning of an adventure I will elaborate on in a seperate post but suffice it to say we got quite a bit of hands on biology this month!


(you will understand this picture in a minute if you read on)

A few days after that I felt quite uwell and then broke out in blisters on my neck and ear.  I get cold sores fairly frequently, and not always on my lips, so I thought that was what it was.  Wrong!! I in fact had shingles.  Not only that but due to the fact that it took me a bit to get to the Dr (teach me to self diagnose!) I infected both M, B and C who broke out in chicken pox about two weeks later.  We all survived with the help of benedryl, advil and the odd anitviral (for B and myself).  Yay for natural immunity!!  K managed to dodge the bullet, probably because she had the vax when she was 4.  Of course I should probably knock on something wooden since she could still come out with them.

And if that wasn’t bad enough….after spending a rather large amount of money we didn’t really have to travel and stay overnight in order for K to compete at a big name comp at a certain amusement park…it was cancelled before she got to perform 😦  Cancelling was the right decision, it was pouring down rain and kids were getting hirt slipping on the mats BUT the park refused to refund our money when we had only been in the park about 45 minutes AND we had asked if the comp was still going several times before we paid to enter.  I am NOT happy about that…..in case you couldn’t tell LOL!   It wasn’t a total bust as we managed to visit the Forest Park Zoo on Friday night as well as the two floor Barnes and Noble on Saturday but K was hugely disappointed, as was I.  Here is the only picture I got of the whole trip, taken as we waited for the session before K’s to get done and minutes before we heard the news 😦

It was not all bad news though….B managed to do some playdough art

We also had  lovely Easter and our annual trip to my brother’s farm…..both of which will soon have thier own posts.

Oh, and the baby rats got a lot cuter!

I think that is it for now!  I’ll be back later with those other posts I promised!


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