Easter and the Farm

I decided to combine my posts on these two subjects because they were on the same day and plus I don’t have a lot of pictures from Easter so it would make kind of a boring post on it’s own.  Hey, it’s my blog!  Just roll with me here!

So…..wasn’t prepared at all for Easter this year because M was in the middle of chicken pox and I wasn’t able to get out of the house to shop without her.  I did manage to get some baskets together by sneaking out one night after peeling her off my hip leaving her with W.  I also picked up a couple of egg decorating kit so the kids could at least color eggs. 

Here are their efforts:

We had dinner at my parents as we usually do……I brought cupcakes from a local bakery

After dinner the kids opened their baskets.  They got some at home too but Grandma had the good stuff this year.

Notice how happy K looks?  She got very good news in her Easter basket this year.  Inside it was a note telling her that She, I and her Grandmother will be going to Orlando to visit Harry Potter world this September for her 18th birthday!!!!!!!  (I was pretty happy too, although I’ve know about it for over a month and was about to burst).

BTW M for a gift card to Amazon and B got a super fancy automatic water gun. 

And then we were off to the farm where we saw the new chicken coop……

and the flock

We also visited the new lamb Teague

and lots of the other animals


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